The Customizable Planner for Teens to Overcome Anxiety Through Daily Self Expression 

The Teen Day by Daybook is the customizable planner that puts teens well being first. 

With a unique system to boost mood and energy and guided prompts to encourage self expression, its the perfect companion for teens who are experiencing the ups and downs of life... post pandemic and beyond. 

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Boost Mood and Energy in Just 10 Minutes a Day

This simple system makes it easy to stay motivated by providing a quick and efficient way to track mood and adjust activities while maximizing energy throughout the day. 

The 5 Step System 

1.  Log thoughts, rituals and activities 

2. Observe mood patterns

3. Select behaviors that motivate you

4. Identify successes, challenges and goals

5. Create your own inspiration

A Personalized Companion 

The Daybook is a blank canvas just waiting to come to life. Every page has space to doodle and personalize by adding individual style with a splash of color, favorite quotes, podcasts, wins and milestones. 

Jazz it up or keep it simple, the options are endless!


The 90-Day Snapshot 

With our undated pages, it takes the guilt out of missing a day and our 90 day format provides a digestible timeframe to set and achieve short term goals and chart progress. 

The Day by Daybook Helps Teens: 

  • Access feelings and express themselves with greater clarity and confidence 
  • Learn to manage mood, energy and mindset to feel their best every day
  • Feel less overwhelmed and more empowered to manage stress and anxiety
  • Take a break from screen time to check in with themselves
  • Identify mentors and seek support when needed

A Simple Layout to Eliminate Overwhelm

Say goodbye to traditional planners with crowded sections and limited space to fit it all in. Our pages are designed to feel spacious and expansive, not cluttered and confusing. 

This simple layout eliminates overwhelm by highlighting the data needed to support well-being with plenty of room to capture all the good stuff.

Day by Daybook and Beyond


Our mission is to provide teens with the resources and support to self express and connect on and off the page.

As we expand our reach, our goal is to build a Daybook community that helps teens manage their emotional well-being by offering programs, mentorship, activities and additional tools to foster deeper connection with themselves and others. 

Supporting the Teen Day by Daybook will help us make this possible.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at [email protected]


Get Our Exclusive VIP Discount!

We're launching soon, so grab our super exclusive discount by signing up now!